Automobile Industry Slowdown in India-Analysis Report

Automobile Industry Slowdown in India :
As you know Automobile Industry is becoming slowdown in Mid August 2019. There is a sudden decrease in this Automobile Industry in 2019. To overcome such issues, let’s see in deals, what’s exactly is happening now days in Automobile sectors.

Can Automobile Industry become more successful once again as it was before?
All such questions answers, we will find out here now.


We are seeing its slowdown in decades, the Indian Automotive industry has been badgered and continuous to suffer a lots of losses. At earlier years, in 2008-2009, this Automobile Industry was at a great height. Now looks like a distant memory.
According to the analytics, and released by the Indian society, Automobile Manufactures have revealed that the passenger vehicles sales in the month of July 2019 have seen a sudden decrease of near about 31%. This mark a decline in this industry .
Moving further, even MARUTI (MSIL) , the market leader which was having a great growth indicator for so many years, has now suffering a 36.7 Percent of loss as compared to the same month in 2019. Maruti Struggled to even a Reach of 1 Lakh units of this month, with a sales totaling of 96,478 units.


The same happens with the Hyundai Venue and the MG Hector, which we can see a massive drops in sales which happened despite of the introduction of the recent models of Mahindras XUV300.

Due to less demand in automobile industry, offering a number of discounts and offers and new launches to help instigate demand, has caused a chain reactions across the industry ranging from manufactures offering a number of discounts and offers, but as such things happens for many more months again, then it might shutdown some companies and even might, employer suffer due to this heavy loss in automobile industry.

They might even lose their jobs also. Now according to current situations, HERO MOTOCORP has closed manufacturing units for 4 Days from now.The company said in a regulatory filing that it will be closed from august 15 to august 18 2019. The company also said that while this was part of it’s annually holiday calendar, it also partly reflects the market demand scenario.

“Production Planning is a matter of advance monitoring of the dynamics of markets and demand forecasting. By using this , we forecast it and this help us to plan our production well in advance, thereby enabling us to stay flexible both in terms of volumes as well as in production schedules”, it is said that, by adding it in a line with this trend that the manufacturing facilities will be closed.

From the Government, the data shows that “How urgent the need is for Revival package”. there is urgently need to take actions immediately. The Industry is taking efforts for doing his work of marketing and selling the products but still some thing is lack behind, we have to fulfill those things on immediate basis, else situation would be more dangerous and many people could be taken out from the company and they have to loose the Job.

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I think that, this is the right time, when the government of India should come forward and take the positive actions towards Automobile sectors so that  many people life’s could survive. Besides over a millions of jobs are on the line of Automotive component segments, he added that.

Nearly 300 Dealership has been forced to close down leading to loss of around Two Lakhs Jobs, Mathur Said.


Conclusion :

My Final statement  for Automobile Industry Slowdown in India-Analysis Report would be this only, that our Government Of India should come forward and Make some kind of Positive solution for Automobile Sector Industry, so that they could also survive on the Positive note to fulfill their family and should balance the Economy of India.


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