article 370 and article 35A

What is ARTICLE 370 and 35 A ?

Article 370 and 35 A revoked : Today on 5 August 2019 Article 370 and 35 A was cancelled totally.

No such rule is there regarding Article 35 A and Article 370.

Today , it is the most Important and big day for Every Indians and Jammu Kashmir peoples.

From now onward, Jammu and Kashmir is being totally divided into two union territory, let us discuss on details below.

Do not provoke anyone or any other people by applying this rule. It has been done for the betterment of all human beings whoever is living in INDIA, specially for Jammu and Kashmir people.

We all thinks that, Jammu and Kashmir should developed and should take part in India Development from now onwards.

What is ARTICLE 370 and 35 A ?

article 370 doc

For this betterment, a new Summit is being held in Jammu and Kashmir after few months.

Our idea is not to harm any person’s feelings, so please don’t do any bad comments regarding this article 35A and article 370. Lets celebrates India’s Unity Now.

Article 370-amit shah

How Govt Did Away Jammu and Kashmir’s special status During Governor Rule ?

With the issuance of presidential Order, the NDA government has been resorted to legal interpretations of the constitutional provisions to do away with the article 370, which granted special and autonomous status to Jammu and Kashmir.

The presidential order today brought about changes in the text of the Constitution to imply that henceforth, all provisions of the Constitution shall now apply also to Jammu and Kashmir.


What exactly was Article 370

  1. There will be no Flag of Jammu and Kashmir from now onward.
  2. From now onwards, special status has been removed – means from now onward, anyone who is outside of Kashmir, can also buy any plot, flat or even can do jobs in Kashmir, the person is free to do anything’s, which only Kashmiri’s people are doing over there from last many years.
  3. There will be no Amended of constitution in relation to the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
    Since there is no elected government in place at this time in J&K, the presidential order states that the Governor shall exercise the powers of the elected government and will express the will of the state legislature in making recommendations to the President in relation to the article 370.


As per #Article 370, clause 3, The President may, by public notification, declare that this article shall cease to be operative.” The power of State Legislature of Jammu and Kashmir are vested with this house by virtue of president rule” : Home Minister.

In the Rajya Sabha Amit Shah announcement in the cabinet committee on Security(CSS) met on Monday morning. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and the National Security Advisor Ajit Doval were present at the meeting held at the PM’s residence.

article 35a-amit shah

The meeting was preceded by another meeting that started after an hour earlier which was in Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad was also present in that meeting. The CSS  meting which include Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh lasted for the meeting for over 40 minutes. It could before the union cabinet met that include Nitin Gadkari Ji. Sources also said that in the committee which was discussed over there, also a Important point touch regarding the Internal Security in the Valley.


The meeting were started after the political leaders in Jammu and Kashmir including former chief Minister Omar Abdullah, Mehboobs Mufti and Jammu and Kashmir people’s Conference Sajad Lone, were placed under house arrest strict restrictions were imposed in the Kashmir valley from early Monday Morning.

In the Rajya Sabha, responding to to the proceedings, former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti called “ It is the darkest day in Indian Democracy”.

After some time, the Bill was moved, around 8,000 paramilitary troops were airlifted and moved from Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Assam and other parts of the country to the Kashmir valley. Troops introductions were still going on, reported ANI.

In Srinagar, Section 144 was imposed on this Sunday Night. As well as Jammu and Kashmir Mobile Internet services were all suspended. Heavy deployment of local police, Along with the contingents of paramilitary forces, were in place and all the universities in the vally have ordered for the cancellation of classes, work and all scheduled exams had been postponed for the future dates for the same exams.

mufti- black day for democracy

ARTICLE 370 and 35 A :

Mobile Internet facility was snapped across the state and even the call facility was cut, with the officials stating the announcements, that the state and even the call facility was cut, with officials stating that this was being done to prevent anti-social elements from spreading the bad rumors.


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